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A huge range of Condenser Tumble Dryers from top UK electrical stores

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There’s no shortage of condenser tumble dryers to compare in the £200 to £250 range.

We feature condenser dryer products in this price range from some of the top names around including Hoover, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Beko, Indesit, Tricity Bendix, Whirlpool, Creda and White Knight.

In fact, we’ve so many condenser dryers for you to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find something of interest in this budget range.

CONDENSER DRYER - £200 to £250


As always, it’s important to take your time when choosing a new appliance to get the best value for your money - this means studying the specifications and features of each condenser dryer to ensure it will be perfect for your needs.

We have an impressive selection of condenser dryers in the £200 to £250 price range - they may be at the lower end of the price scale, but many of them still come equipped with attractive features such as high and low heat settings, a cool tumble at the end of the drying cycle, anti-tangle tangle two-way tumble, time control and easy-iron programmes.

Some models in this price range, including those from Whirlpool, even have a sensor drying feature which is normally only  found in a much more expensive model of condenser dryer.

This is a great cost-saving facility which means that machine will automatically stop tumbling what your selected level of dryness has been reached. You will certainly see the difference sensor drying makes when you receive your electricity bill. The arrival of winter brings the snow, hail and rain - and that's when need to use a dryer more often so an energy efficient one costs you less in electricity bills.

There's nothing worse than having a big bundle of washing which needs to be dried but it's raining outside and you have no option to hang your damp clothes on the washing line. That's where a tumble dryer comes to your rescue every time.

For years the only option was to buy a vented tumble dryer which meant having a huge hole created in an outside facing wall in your kitchen and utility room, to allow access to a vent hose from your dryer in order for moisture to be removed from your home. The only alternative was to hang the hose out the window which is very inconvenient, especially when it's cold outside.

Thankfully the arrival in recent years of the condenser tumble dryer has put an end to the need for a vent hose in your home. A condenser dryer operates in a completely different way with moisture from your washing being collected in a water tank which can be removed and emptied when full.

Condenser dryers used to be a lot more expensive than vented models but that’s no longer the case and there are plenty of cheap models around.

Another benefit of a condenser tumble dryer is that you can position it anywhere you choose as there is no restriction caused by the requirement of a vent hose.

When buying a dryer it is advisable to seek out one with an efficiency energy rating. The grading system goes from A+ to G, so an A+ plus machine will save you money in the long run by cutting down on your electricity bills.

This type of dryer really is the way to go and there are some excellent models in the £200 to £250 price range available to buy from leading home appliance manufacturers including Indesit, Hoover, Hotpoint, Beko. Zanussi, White Knight and Indesit.

A condenser dryer is an invaluable asset to any home, particularly when the weather is wet and it’s impossible to get your washing out on the line.

Among the dryers featured in this price range are the Hotpoint TCM570P and TCL770P dryers, the Indesit IDCA835, the Beko DRCS68S, the Zanussi ZDC371, the Hoover VHC180, the Crosslee White Knight 93AW and the Creda TCR2 dryer.